'Change the way you look at things, 
and the things you look at change' 
 (Wayne Dyer)

I am an accredited life coach and NLP practitioner based in the village of St Jeannet, on the French Riviera.

I am very excited to be offering three different four week-long programmes, Attracting Love, Attracting Abundance and Making Positive Change, which combine tried and tested life coaching and NLP methods with a range of more esoteric practices, such as aura and chakra balancing, working with the universal laws, and a whole lot more.  See here for further details.

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is an ongoing partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives, improving their performance and enhancing their quality of life.  The chances of achieving a goal TRIPLE when you're accountable to someone else.  Hiring a life coach will help you see things more clearly, get things done and dispel any self-doubts that might be holding you back.

Why Might Anyone Need A Life Coach?

  • You're going through a transitional phase in your life and are unclear of which way to turn
  • You are newly retired and feel that life has lost its meaning
  • You are newly divorced and need to create a new life with purpose
  • You are suffering from empty nest syndrome – your children have left home and there's a big gap in your life
  • You have outgrown your job and lifestyle, but need help figuring out what to do next
  • You have moved abroad, and need to find a sense of purpose and achievement in your new home
  • You hold yourself back through self-doubt, negative self-talk and lack of confidence
  • You are writing, or want to write a book, and are feeling overwhelmed and isolated
  • You are starting a new venture, but lack the discipline without an office structure
  • You are under stress, and need help creating a coping strategy
  • You'd like some extra encouragement in losing weight, quitting smoking, cutting back on alcohol or taking up more exercise

There are many, many reasons you may wish to hire a life coach. Some are intrinsically personal, others are more work and goal-related.

The Range of Coaching Services I offer:

  • Life Coaching – working together on a wide range of issues, I will help you define your priorities, set your goals and go about achieving them
  • Career Coaching – if you are looking to get ahead in your career, using some simple NLP techniques I can help you focus on your goals, increase productivity and improve your relationships with all levels of staff
  • Creativity Coaching – are you writing a book, setting up a business, or starting a new hobby? Without a corporate structure to keep you focused, it can be easy to procrastinate, dither and lose confidence. I can help you maintain your sense of purpose and your enthusiasm in what can be a lonely and daunting task
  • Energy Coaching – guided by the law of attraction and all the other universal laws, I can help you clear away your mental clutter, let go of negativity, and learn to attract love, good health, wealth and abundance into your life
  • Expat Coaching – if you are planning to move abroad, but find the whole process daunting, I can help you define your needs and put an action plan into place. If you have already moved, I can help you settle in and create a new life for yourself
  • Healthy Living Coaching - if you want to improve your health and lifestyle, I can help you set realistic, achievable goals regarding weightloss, cutting back on the bad stuff and increasing your exercise
  • Positivity Coaching –  I can help you eliminate all the negative self-talk and self-limiting beliefs that might be holding you back, and then help you to move forward and identify positive new goals in your life
  • Stress Coaching – if you are feeling stressed, I can help you identify the source of your stress and eliminate the negative thinking around it, then to manage and overcome it using a range of simple, holistic techniques

Can't A Friend Help With All This?

    If you have friends who will genuinely devote their time to helping you with any issues and problems in a supportive, non-judgmental way, you're a very lucky person! More often than not, you see your friends socially, over a glass of wine or two, and as we all know, few problems are really solved when the wine is flowing! More than likely, your friend will liken your situation to one of their own, hijacking your issues (in the nicest possible way) or offering advice that doesn't necessarily sit well with you.

    A life coach is the best friend you never had – the one who is 100% there for you – totally impartial, totally unbiased, but who has your needs, desires and best possible outcome at heart. A life coach will ask profound questions, get you really thinking about what's right for you, and will gently challenge you to find purpose and accomplish your goals. A life coach will untangle the knots of self-doubt – we all have them – that are holding you back, and peel away the layers of self-limiting beliefs – usually developed in childhood – to help you step forward towards a shiny new life: a brighter, more confident and happier YOU.

    What Life Coaching Isn't

    Life Coaching isn't therapy or counselling – if you have deep-rooted issues that stem from the past, life coaching won't resolve them and you're better off with a trained therapist or counsellor. Life coaching is a forward-looking, dynamic approach that focuses on the present and future.

    If you have serious financial issues you'll need to see a specialist – as a life coach I can help you manage and take control of your day-to-day finances and any small debts, but I certainly can't offer any more than that.

    Please Note: All our conversations will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

    SNHS Dip. Distinction (Life Coaching)